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Share dreams and grow together -- Successful organization of the 2nd Fun Games

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The wind is blowing gently in the autumn of October. On October 28, the 2nd Fun Games of our company was held successfully at the Century Hall of Renmin University of China. After a fierce and interesting competition, Team V consisting of Vehicle Leasing BU (business unit), Environmental Equipment Leasing Department, General Management Department, Audit Department and East China Business Department won the championship. Zhou Wei, Chairman of, Liu Chaoyang, Party Secretary and Supervisor of, Shen Hui, Secretary of Commission for Discipline Inspection of, Luo Mingyan, Vice President of, Liu Xiaodong, Chief Operating Officer of, Deng Yi, Chief Risk Officer of, and Wu Zhiying, Chief Marketing Officer etc of the Company attended the games, and actively participated in a number of programs.

At the beginning of the games, Liu Chaoyang, Party Secretary and Supervisor of the Company, firstly gave the opening speech to encourage all the athletes to compete with achievements and noble character, and to wish the games a complete success. Then, in the entrance of athletes, 26 department squares stepped along in high spirit with loud slogans. After the teams assembled in the center of the stadium, Chairman Zhou Wei announced the opening of the games. Then, the six torchbearers carried and relayed the torch forward, and in the eyes of the people, Sun Xingliang, Assistant President of Vehicle BU, lit the cauldron

In the first program of "uniting and moving forward", the company leaders trotted forward with a mission and successively reached the end of the race under the cheers of all staff, which effectively interprets the common values of Minsheng Financial Leasing’s "paramount responsibility, unity & cooperation, and pursuit of excellence".

Next, the six teams consisting of all staff successively competed 5 programs such as "trading places", "caterpillar race", "original handling", and "100m hurdles" and tug-of-war etc. During the games, the teams made progress actively, worked tenaciously, showing the spiritual outlook that all staff strived forward and challenged a new height bravely. With alternate tension and vivaciousness on the playground, the roar of cheers and congratulations rose one after another.

After nearly a day of competition, Team V consisting of 5 departments won the championship with absolute advantage. Team III and Team II won the second and third places respectively

After the awarding ceremony, Vice President Luo Mingyan made the closing speech. He hoped that all colleagues with the games as a starting point, stayed true to the original aspiration and kept the mission in mind in the future work, completing the work of the year 2017 satisfactorily and presenting tributes to the 10th anniversary of the Company.