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Our Company Re-wins the Annual Competitiveness Award of Financial Leasing Companies 

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On the evening of December 6, our company successfully re-won the “Annual Competitiveness Award of Financial Leasing Companies with its sound management ability, excellent performance and good market reputation at the Twelfth 21st Century Asian Financial Annual Meeting and Research Report Release on Competitiveness Ranks of Asian Banks 2017.

In complex and changeable economic and financial situation, our company continuously improves its profitability. As at the end of October 2017, the company owned asset scale nearly 190 billion Yuan, with 15% year on year, and has paid cumulative tax over 6.5 billion Yuan. Now, with nearly 300 aircrafts and more than 330 vessels, the Company is one of the largest corporate jet leasing companies in Asia and one of China's most internationally-influential ship leasing companies.

The 21st Century Asian Financial Annual Meeting has stepped into its 12th session since founded in 2006, and the Research Report on Competitiveness Ranks of Asian Banks released during the annual meeting has been widely accepted by the financial industry because of its professionalism and authority.