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Our company wins the title of “Leasing Enterprises with Outstanding Influence 2017”.

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On November 22, the "Financial Institutions with Outstanding Competitiveness 2017" directed by Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) and organized by China Business Daily, was held with release of list and our company won the title of "Leasing Enterprises with Outstanding Influence 2017".

At present, China is in the key stage of challenging a comprehensive well-off society and promoting the economic transformation and upgrading. As an important carrier of financial competitiveness, financial institutions clearly have the responsibility and the excellent ones are making outstanding contributions.

As one of the few financial leasing companies with assets of more than 100 billion Yuan in China, our company has the largest asset scale and profitability in the industry. Since its inception, the Company, with repeatedly good achievements, has been promoting the development of financial leasing industry in China based on the mission of leading the industry. The title of "Leasing Enterprise 2017 with Outstanding Influence " is a full affirmation of the Company's efforts to promote the development of the leasing industry.

As of the end of October 2017, the total assets of the Company totaled nearly 190 billion Yuan, with accumulated tax payment over 6.5 billion Yuan. At present, with nearly 300 aircrafts and over 330 vessels, the Company is one of the largest corporate jet leasing companies in Asia and one of most internationally-influential ship leasing companies in China.

The activity of “Financial Institutions with Outstanding Competitiveness” draws on the experience of CASS’s "Competitiveness Model" winning Sun Yefang Economics Prize, which conducts competitiveness assessment on banking, insurance, securities, funds and other financial institutions, with great influence in the financial industry.