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Chairman Zhou Wei wins the title of CFV “Annual Leaders of Financial Leasing”

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On the evening of December 2, the “CBN Financial Value Ranking”(CFV) revealed the award list 2017, and Zhou Wei, Chairman of Minsheng Financial Leasing Co., Ltd won the title of “Annual Leaders of Financial Leasing”, which was the second time for him to receive CFV awards after he got the title of “CFV Ten-year Financial Leasing Leaders” last year.

 Since entering the leasing industry in 2007, as one of the preparers and builders of first banking financial leasing companies, Chairman Zhou Wei witnessed, participated in and promoted the rejuvenation and expansion of leasing industry in China. Under the general background of national “Belt and Road” initiative, he points out that as the best starting point of implementing the “Belt and Road” strategy, financial leasing will play an important strategic role and become the forerunner of financial industry to advance the “Belt and Road” strategy. Reviewing the change of China’s leasing industry in the past 10 years, he makes his own strategic judgment about the future of the financial leasing industry: China will be the world's largest leasing market in the next five years, and the leasing industry in China will still be in the period of strategic opportunity.

 As at the end of October 2017, Minsheng Financial Leasing owned total asset scale nearly 190 billion Yuan, with accumulative tax payment over 6.5 billion Yuan. The year 2018 is the 10th anniversary of the Company. With 10 years of exploration and development, the Company, under the leadership of Chairman Zhou, will strive to be the world's leading, distinctively-international and specialized banking financial leasing group.

“CBN Financial Value Ranking”(CFV) is an annually-financial appraisal and selection launched by China Business Network (CBN). After implementing in-depth survey and assessment on all financial institutions, CBN Research Institute and authoritative experts will conduct independent and objective appraisal and finally select the industrial leaders in a number of sectors such as banking, insurance, financial leasing, vehicle finance and vehicle manufacturing.