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Zheng Wanchun, President of China Minsheng Bank leads a team to visit our company for research and guidance

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On January 5, 2018, Zheng Wanchun, President of China Minsheng Bank, together with the heads of HR Department and Development Planning Department of the Bank, came to our company (a subsidiary of the Bank) for research and guidance at the beginning of the new year. The executives and all management members of the Company, and heads of departments of the Company participated in the research symposium.

On the symposium, Wan Xiaofang, President of the Company made a report on the business situation of the Company, focusing on the Company’s business in 2017, experience accumulated in the past 10 years, and existing problems in the work.

Zhou Wei, Chairman of the Company reported the achievements made in the aspects of assets structure adjustment, asset quality optimization and profitability improvement etc, analyzed the Company’s problems existed in the strategic transformation, and expressed that the Company would firmly carry out the group’s strategy of “One Minsheng”, determinedly implement the development strategy of “One Body, Two Wings” at the key stage of the Company’s development in the second decade, with strict governance of the Company in a persistent way and improvement of weak links as soon as possible, make the Company enter the road of high-quality and characteristic development.

After listening to the work reports made by the two leaders of the Company, Zhang Bo, head of Development and Planning Department of China Minsheng Bank proposed opinions and suggestions on the implementation of the following work of the Company and on how to coordinate deeply with the Bank.

Zheng Wanchun, President of the Bank fully affirmed the achievements of our company in 2017, and highly recognized the Company’s management concept of “One Body, Two Wings” and the management measures of strict governance of the Company. When talking about the current situation, President Zheng pointed out that under the new normal of “strong supervision”, the strict internal management is the basis to ensure the healthy development of a financial enterprise, with a long-term view of development. We should seize the three key points, namely, planning and formulation, compliance management, and release of historical burden, to keep the sustained growth of benefits. He put forward five requirements for the Company's work in 2018: first, set development goals and create leasing features; second, pay attention to corporate governance and overall planning; third, defuse the risks left over by history; fourth, fully play the role of the Company as a subsidiary; fifth, the Company’s Party Committee should play the core role of political leadership. He said, he believed that the Company would achieve better results in 2018 through the joint efforts of all employees under the leadership of the new Party Committee of the Company.