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Minsheng Bank Held the Meeting on Management Work of 2018, Fully Initiating A New Journey of 10 Years to Come

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On February 10 and 11, 2018, Minsheng Bank held the meeting on management work of 2018. This meeting fully sorted out and concluded all sorts of work done in 2017, arranged and deployed major work tasks to be done in 2018. Specially, leaders and colleagues from Development & Planning Department of Minsheng Bank were invited to attend the meeting besides leaders and all staff of Our Company.

Xiaodong LIU, CEO of Our Company, Vice President Mingyan LUO and CRO Yi DENG made assessment of work on asset & liability, market and risk in 2017, and deployment of relevant work to be done in 2018. CEO Xiaodong LIU also made announcement on the overall reformation scheme, which further builds up consensus and confidence among all staff.

President Xiaofang WAN delivered 2018 work report named as “Laying A Solid Foundation, Strengthening Management and Initiating A New Journey of Reformation In A Brand New Manner”. On the basis of comprehensive conclusion of management work in 2017, as well as setting up management target and deploying major work for 2018, President WAN pointed out, 2018 marks the starting point of the second “10-years” of Our Company, and faced with fast-paced development circumstance in the outer world and clear and specific reformation targets in our minds, all staff shall be firmly committed, forge against difficulties, work in a practical manner and overcome difficulties, delivering satisfactory outcome with excellent performance once again.

Hui SHEN, Secretary of Commission for Discipline Inspection, conveyed the spirit of Minsheng Bank’s conference on work style and clean government construction & disciplinary inspection and supervision, according to the arrangements of Our Company’s Party Committee. Secretary Hui SHEN emphasized, under the guidance of the spirit of the 19th National Congress of CPC and Xi Jinping’s idea about Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in a new era, and the guidance of Party Committee of the Headquarter, it’s required to firmly set up the thinking of CPC leading bank, honest performance and perseverance, and continuously further full and strict administration of CPC and bank, in order to provide more powerful guarantee for stable operation, reformation and development of Minsheng bank.
Deputy Secretary Jian LI delivered the speech named as “Achievements Only to be Made in Remaining True to One’s Aspiration and Spirit of Carrying Forward the Spirit of “Loving CPC, China and Minsheng”, in which he made important instructions on party construction of Minsheng Bank. He pointed out, all staff shall hold CPC’s flag high in the air, maintain its authority, solidify its conviction and it’s necessary to incorporate national and patriotic consciousness, loving Minsheng and jointly building up enterprise-family culture.

In the final, Chairman Wei ZHOU delivered the important speech named as “Embracing the New Era, Creating New Energy, Making New Breakthrough and Fully Initiating the New Journey of 10 Years to Come”. Chairman ZHOU reviewed and made conclusion of highlights of work done in 2017 and Minsheng Bank’s development in the past 10 years, looked forward to the follwoing 10 years and put forward demands and expectation on key work of 2018.
Chairman ZHOU pointed out, with the folding out of another 10-year, it’s necessary for us to focus on the same strategic target and direction, adopt quality and characteristic development mode, create a industry-leading platform with brand new concepts, build up an international team armed with new ideas, cultivate three major new energy, do a good job of guarantee, carry forward corporate culture of Minsheng Bank and strive to be a worldly leading lease company in the 10 years to come.

In addition, excellent teams and advanced individuals of 2017 were commended on the meeting.