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The successful speech contest themed “grateful for your accompanying with my growth; and your future brilliance based on me” 

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On March 23, 2018, the speech contest themed “grateful for your accompanying with my growth; and your future brilliance based on me” was held successfully in the program of “Voice of Minsheng Financial Leasing” (second season). This is one of the Company's 10th anniversary series activities, and the Company’s leaders and all staff watched the contest.

After preliminary selection, a total of 12 contestants from 10 departments participated in the finals of speech contest. Based on figural language and sincere emotion, they narrated the stories of positive energy around them, teamwork deeds and growth experience as well as their feelings and apperceptions since they joined the Company, receiving repeated applause from the judges and audiences for their wonderful speeches.

The professional judges consisting of the Company’s executives and specially-invited guests and 51 public reviewers elected by all departments of the Company implemented comprehensive marking for the contestants at the site of contest. After fierce competition, Li Junyan from the Board Office won the first prize with her speech titled “speaking and acting without caring about practical gains or loss”, Xiang Yi from the Department of Comprehensive Management and Sun Wei from the Business Unit of Ships Leasing took the second prize, and Tong Shuai from the Business Unit of Aircraft Leasing, Chao Xiurui from the Department of Human Resources and Lin Shan from the Department of Comprehensive Management received the third prize.

This contest was organized by the Youth League Committee of the Company, which means to greet the 10th anniversary of the founding of the Company, to create a home culture atmosphere of “happy work and healthy life”, to advocate the core values of “pursuit of excellence, team cooperation, and responsibility first", and to stimulate the work and entrepreneurial enthusiasm of all staff.