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Embrace the new era and march toward a new journey. -- MFL holds the 10th anniversary ceremony

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In April, Beijing is equipped with flowers blooming like a piece of brocade, full of vitality. On April 18, an important time to mark the 10th anniversary of Minsheng Financial Leasing (MFL), it successfully held the 10th anniversary ceremony themed “Embracing the New Era and Marching Toward a New Journey” at the Minzu Theatre. Totally more than 600 persons were invited to jointly celebrate the 10th anniversary of MFL, including the leadership of China Minsheng Bank (CMB), MFL’s former leaders/staff who made important contributions in the development history of MFL, shareholder representatives of MFL, responsible persons of CMB’s departments and offices, head of CMB’s branches/ subsidiaries, representatives of MFL’s partners, MFL’s leadership and employees and their families etc.

The ceremony was filled with gaiety in a warm atmosphere. Zhou Wei, Chairman of MFL in his speech firstly reviewed the achievements made in the past decade for MFL as the pathfinder, pioneer and driver of financial leasing industry in China. He specially expressed his thanks to the parent bank--CMB for its full support for the development of MFL, and to the society for the concern and care of MFL. Looking ahead the development of the second decade, Chairman Zhou Wei said that MFL would firmly adhere to the strategic direction, cultivate three driving forces, and build a systematic operational platform. And MFL would go along the specialized and international development path of high quality, stepping on the journey with sheer endeavor to realize new outstanding achievements based on full efforts.

Hong Qi, Chairman of CMB, who was invited to the ceremony, also made a speech. In his speech, he gave full affirmation for the achievements such as that in the past decade MFL explored the characteristic, international and specialized development road, forged vigorous, united, international and professional team, and found a successful path for the comprehensive operation of CMB. He said that CMB would fully support the development of MFL in the new decade. He encouraged all staff of MFL to remain true to their original aspiration and keep their mission firmly in mind based on sheer endeavor, to realize the strategic vision of MFL, and to make new and greater contributions to the development of CMB to a new level.

The whole process of the ceremony was planned by the employees of MFL with theatrical performances to recall, jointly with the onsite guests, the path of MFL in the first magnificent decade starting from scratch to rapid growth and pressing forward with honor through four chapters such as decade of financial leasing sector, mission to bear, thanksgiving with progress together, and the coming future in a number of forms including review by film, onsite narration, singing and dancing, and recitation etc, which show the vision and determination of MFL’s employees for the future with vitality and passion. The whole activity is profound, positive and beautiful, which fully demonstrates the charm and talent of MFL people.

An important award-giving and responsibility-transferring ceremony was conducted during the celebration of the 10th anniversary. Zheng Wanchun, Party Secretary and President of CMB issued rudder modeling trophies of symbolizing pilot to Kong Linshan, Liu Chaoyang and Zhouwei who as the “Pilots of MFL in the Past Decade” led MFL to experience the initial eventful days, and affirmed their outstanding contributions in the process of entrepreneurship. Then Zheng Wanchun personally delivered a big ship model of symbolizing MFL to Zhou Wei, Li Jian and Wan Xiaofang who acted as the pilots of MFL’s new journey, which represents an incentive for the new journey of MFL in the future. Simultaneously, Zhang Juntong, MFL’s Deputy Party Secretary, Chairman of Board of Supervisors, and Liang Yutang, Vice Chairman of MFL issued trophies and certificates to the 11 persons including Zhou Wei, Yuan Hua, Wang Chuntao, Luo Mingyan, Zuo Kangsheng, Zhao Jie, Jin Xin, Wang Bohua, Zhao Xiaochuan, Huang Mei, and Lu Wei who as the “People Who Moved MFL for Ten Tears” stood together through storm and stress with MFL always in the past decade, and expressed his thanks to the aforesaid employees for their contributions to the development of MFL.

At the scene, a static exhibition area of decade achievements was set up to centrally showcase the achievements of MFL made in the aspects of self-development, industry promotion, and business development etc in the past decade. And photo wall of “My World in the Past Decade” and other forms were adopted to show the team culture and corporate culture of MFL, which attracted a great interest of the guests present.

In the clangorous company song of MFL, the 10th anniversary ceremony of MFL was successfully concluded, which also heralded the beginning of MFL's new decade.