Talent concept

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The core functions of HR Department
As a HR management department of the Company, it is responsible for the selection, configuration, development, assessment and training of all kinds of talents needed by the Company, formulation and implementation of the various salary and welfare policies and employee career planning, mobilizes the enthusiasm of the staff and stimulates the potential of employees for the sustainable and long-term development of the Company.

HR policy
As a leader in financial leasing -- a sunrise industry, Minsheng Financial Leasing, at the time of rapid self-development, adheres to the unique "cultural education" concept of Minsheng Bank, keeps the beautiful vision in mind that each employee can "study in the big classroom of Minsheng and implement self-display on the big stage of Minsheng", and establishes & gradually improve the mechanism of employee training and cultivation, promoting the interaction and improvement of the Company and employees. The Company faces the society to sincerely hire the people with lofty ideals, persistence and talent who pursue excellence and hope to grow together with the sunrise enterprise. We warmly welcome you together with Minsheng Financial Leasing to create a better future.
Talent team
Adhering to the principle of Minsheng Bank, namely construction of "Learning, Enterprising, Innovative and Cooperative Type" team, Minsheng Financial Leasing will actively introduce and cultivate professional talents and continuously carry forward the courage to struggle and actively enterprising team culture in the strategy of talents highland. As at the end of December 2015, the Company had a total of 247 employees with bachelor degree more than 94% and study-abroad experience or overseas working experience over 12%. At present, the Company’s employees with the average age of 34 years become a young, passionate, highly efficient and professional talent team.

Recruitment principles
With recruitment of employees in accordance with the "Open, Equal, Competitive and Merit-based" principle, the Company will give priority to the selection and promotion of the appropriate staff with excellent performances in line with the requirements of the recruitment and positions. Secondly, we will consider the open recruitment to the society; all candidates have equal opportunities, with no consideration of the gender, nationality, religion, and referrer of the applicants.

An applicant who is employed and experiences the probation period can become a formal employee of our company (the relevant issues in the probation period is based on the relevant provisions of the Company). Any candidate can directly send his/her electronic version of personal resume as a mail attachment (Note: the attachment name must include the name of freelance job and candidate, and the attachment content should include personal basic information, family information, ID card, information of education degree and graduate school, work experience and years, certificates, and specialty etc., plus a one-inch photo taken recently) to the following e-mail address: ZHAOPIN@msfl.com.cn